Topicalities and problems of implementing foreseen measures and proposals in the Integrated Border Management concept of the Republic of Latvia for 2013-2018

Jurijs Skorodihins

Last modified: 11.05.2016


The concept is a document that is taken every 10 years on average, and which provides the direction in which the authority will operate. The integrated border management concept of the Republic of Latvia in the strict sense refers to the Latvian State Border, but due to the fact that the state border security also participates in the implementation of other law enforcement institutions such as the National police, the Customs, the Food and veterinary service, this document explicitly bound by them. Near state border operating all of the above bodies, each in their field and direction, but generally it refers to the state security. There is a separate document that provides for the development of the State border guard in action, and is the integrated border management concept, which is also a development document, but refers to the State border guard and several institutions operating in the border area. This concept contains different types of measures, each of which is an important element of the Latvian State border security. This article is intended to acquaint the implementation concept and how it is executed at the beginning of 2016, i.e. the implementation of the concept of the middle way. Article tasks are to compare the previous concept with currently implemented; analyse the measures that shall be implemented, as well as the reasons for non-implementation and consider possible solutions. The article will be used in the description, comparison, analysis methods. In conclusion, the author wants to find the answer to a question or concept helps the body grow, or however it is a formal document.



concept; integrated border management; progress; security; state border


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