State Border Guard College in collaboration with Rezekne Academy of Technologies calls for the participation in

9th International Scientific and practical conference  BORDER SECURITY AND MANAGEMENT

June 16, 2022

Aim of the conference – to identify the latest research results and summarize the best practices in the development and implementation of innovative solutions in border security and management emphasizing issues related to nowadays challenges in immigration and public security, hybrid threats, integrated border management, the role of cooperation in border security and management, development and significance of information technologies in border security, challenges in educating the personnel of law enforcement institutions  as well as ethical issues and psychological aspects in border management.

Conference research directions:

  1. Challenges and possible solutions in the area of immigration
  2. Integrated Border Management: the best practices and applicability
  3. Cooperation in border security and management
  4. Smart borders (challenges nowadays and in the future)
  5. Challenges in educating the personnel of law enforcement institutions
  6. Ethical issues and psychological aspects in border management
  7. Public security: problems, risks, challenges
  8. Hybrid threats in the context of external borders safety


Registration till March 06, 2022

Submission of Full papers till April 25, 2022




  • Publication and participation fee – EUR 100 (incl.VAT, costs of participant’s folder, coffee breaks, lunch, soiree)
  • Publication fee  - EUR 50 (incl.VAT)
  • Participation fee - EUR 50 (incl.VAT, costs of participant’s folder, coffee breaks, lunch, soiree)
  • Fee for additional copies (proceedings) – EUR 15
  • Fee for sending the proceedings by mail:

- in Latvia – 10 EUR

- to other countries – 20 EUR

For the representatives of the State Border Guard College, as well as for the representatives coming from cooperation partner institutions invited by the State Border Guard College, participation in the conference is free of charge (accommodation / catering / coffee breaks / publications).


Payment of registration/publication fees should be made by transfering funds directly into the Rezekne Academy of Technologies bank account:

RĒZEKNES TEHNOLOĢIJU AKADĒMIJA (Rezekne Academy of Technologies)

Registration Number: 90000011588
Address: Atbrīvošanas aleja 115, Rēzekne, Latvija
Account: LV04HABA0551031524266

Please, indicate your full name (Name, Surname) and Conference ''Border security and management''

Author Guidelines

The Paper format sample:

The suggested length of the paper is 10 pages.

Download sample


User manual of web conference system


All authors are kindly requested to download the format sample and prepare their contributions accordingly. It should be noted that papers must be written in exact BSM format before they are uploaded to a conference, as this contributes to the best appeareance of the proceedings. If the final version of a paper is considerably different to the desired format, it will not be published even if it is accepted and registered.


Authorship Statement on the Submitted Paper:

Please download the authorship statement form and prepare the relevant required text. A completed form must be signed by all authors. Please note that due to crossborder difficulties we cannot accept electronic signatures; all authors must sign by hand. Please upload the signed copy with your submission or scan and email to:



Author biographie

Before the conference start, please include a brief biography (no more than 300 words) in authors profiles Bio statement (authors should log in to the conference web site and follow the link My Profile under login information). This allows the viewing and reading audience to become familiar with the background of the authors, thus giving the paper greater impact and validity.

Start the paragraph devoted to each author's name, without indentation. In boldface FULL CAPITALS. Authors are encouraged to include email and webaddress in the last line of the biography.

If space permits, a small picture of 1.5 x 2 cm can be included as shown below.

JOHN J. BERZINSH was born in Riga, Latvia and went to the Free University of Malnava, where he studied information technology and obtained his degree in 1980. He worked for a couple of years for the Rezekne Software Company EDUSOFT before moving in 1986 to the University of Anytown where he is now leading a large research group in the field of development of Worldwide e-Learning systems. His e-mail address is : and his Web-page can be found at

Submissions for this conference were closed on 25.04.2022.