A. V. Cvetkov, V. I. Gerbreders, S. D. Khanin, A. E. Lukin, A. S. Ogurcovs, S. G. Romanov, V. G. Solovyev, A. I. Vanin, M. V. Yanikov

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Metal-dielectric nanocomposite materials based on colloidal crystals have been prepared by electro-thermo-diffusion or magnetron sputtering of silver. Optical properties of these photonic crystals have been studied by angle-resolved reflectance and transmission spectroscopy. Interpretation of the observed optical spectra has been made taking into account the Bragg diffraction, Fano resonance, Fabry-Perot resonance and surface plasmon-polaritons, all participating in the formation of optical properties of metal-dielectric photonic crystals.



colloidal crystal; photonic crystals; photonic glasses; plasmonic crystal; nanostructures


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