SiHeng Lu, Chang Pan, YuJuan Jin, Xiang Wang, Xinlai Wei, ZhiMin Yu

Last modified: 01.06.2017


In order to study the pollution of heavy metals around Liaohe Fender stone mine in Susong County, the soils at six points and the sediment at four points were selected. The effects of heavy metals Cu, Zn, Pb, Cd, Cr , Ni ,Hg and As were measured, the single factor index and the Nemero index method were used to evaluate the heavy metal elements in soil and sediment. The results showed that the values of heavy metal elements in the soil and sediment were less than 1 and the Pintegrated values were less than 0.85,the mine area was not polluted by heavy metals and belonged to the clean area within the grade Ⅰ.



ore rock; heavy metal; soil sediment; the single factor index; the nemero index


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