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Pacejs, Antons, Rezekne Academy of Technology
Paegle, Linda, Rīga Stradiņš University, Institute of Occupational Safety and Environmental Health
Pakrastins, Leonids, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Riga Technical University
Pakrastins, Leonids, department of Structural Engineering, Riga Technical University
Pakrastiņš, Leonids, Institute of Structural Engineering and Reconstruction Riga Technical University
Panov, Ivan, <p class="Author">Technical University - Sofia, Plovdiv Branch</p>
Panov, Ivan, Technical University - Sofia, Plovdiv Branch
Pan’kova, Svetlana, Department of Physics, Pskov State University
Pavelko, Vitālijs, <p>Institute of Aeronautics, Riga Technical University</p>
Pavlovska, Ilona, Rīga Stradiņš University, Institute of Occupational Safety and Environmental Health
Pekša, Jānis, <p class="Author">Institute of Information Technology, Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, Riga Technical University</p>
Pekša, Kintija, <span lang="EN-GB">Institute of Agricultural Resources and Economics, </span><span lang="EN-GB">Viļāni</span>
Peksa, Tereze, Institute of Business Engineering and Management, Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management, Riga Technical University
Perminov, Andrey, Department of Electric Coupling and Automation Systems Pskov State University Pskov
Petjukevičs, Aleksandrs, Institute of Life Science and Technologies, Daugavpils University
Petrova, Desislava, Department Management, Technical University of Gabrovo
Pigozne, Tamara, University of Latvia
Pleiksnis, Stanislavs, Faculty of Engineering, Rezekne Academy of Technologies
Plokhov, Igor, <p>Pskov State University, Department of Electric Power, Electric Drive and Automation Systems</p>
Plokhov, Igor, Department of Electric Power Engineering, Electric Drive and Automation Systems, Pskov State University
Podkoritovs, Andrejs, Department of Structural Engineering, Riga Technical University
Presnyakova, Nadezhda, Institute of Humanities and Linguistic Communications, Pskov State University
Procofiev, Mark, Student of the Specialty Medical Cybernetics, Pskov Stste University
Prodani, Rafail, Department of Informatics, Faculty of Natural and Human Sciences, University “Fan S. Noli”
Pučkins, Aleksandrs, Department of Applied Chemistry, Daugavpils University
Pulov, Dimcho, Department of Mechanical and Precision Engineering Technical University of Gabrovo
Pulov, Dimcho, Department of Mechanical and Precision Engineering, Technical University of Gabrovo
Pupiņš, Mihails, Department of Ecology, Daugavpils University
Pylypenko, Viktoriia, Agrobiological Faculty, National University of Life and Environmental Science

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