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Dāboliņa, Inga, Riga Technical University, FMSAC, Institute of Design Technologies
Dashkevich, Vladimir, Belarusian National Technical University
Dejus, Sandis, Riga Technical University, Department of Water Engineering and Technology
Deneva, Hristina, <span lang="EN-US">Rezekne Academy of Technologies, </span>Faculty of Engineering
Deneva, Hristina, Rezekne Academy of Technologies, Faculty of Engineering<br />
Deneva, Hristina, Rezekne Academy of Technologies, Faculty of Engineering
Dienys, Gervydas, Vilnius University, Institute of Biotechnology
Domracheva, Yulia, Pskov State University
Donchenko, Mihail, Pskov State University
Drozdenko, Tatiana, Pskov State University, Natural Sciences, Medical and Psychological Education faculty
Drozdov, Sergei, Pskov State University
Druķis, Peteris, <span lang="EN-US">Riga Technical University, Insitute of Structural Engineering and Reconstruction</span>

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ERDF co-funded project "Funding of international projects in research and innovation at Rezekne Academy of Technologies" No.