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Hadzhiyski, Petar, Technical university of Sofia
Hāzners, Juris, Institute of Agricultural Resources and Economics, Research Center of Economics, Division of Rural Development Evaluation
Hrenov, Georgi, <p>Tallinn University of Technology</p>
Hu, Shouchuang, Department of Biological and Environmental Engineering, Hefei University
Hu, Shouchuang, <p>Department of Biological and Environmental Engineering, Hefei University</p><p>Collaborative Invention Center for Environmental Pollution Precaution And Restoration of Anhui, Hefei</p>
Husev, Oleksander, <p>Riga Technical University<span style="font-size: 8.33333px;">,</span></p><p>Chernihiv National University of Technology</p>

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ERDF co-funded project "Funding of international projects in research and innovation at Rezekne Academy of Technologies" No.